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Founded in 1986 by Joe Fant, Fant's Telecommunications offers its clients a single source solutions provider specializing in voice systems, data network design and installation, security solutions, computer procurement and cabling applications to meet your business and inter-network needs. We are proud to say that we provide comprehensive enterprise services to businesses and residential customers. Fant's employs a staff of highly trained professionals.

Licenses / Credentials :

• Licensed by the State of Mississippi
• Mississippi Alarm Association
• Member of the NBFAA

We service Holly Springs MS, Memphis TN, Little Rock AR, Jonesboro AR, Jackson TN, Decatur AL, Grenada MS, Blytheville AR, Tupelo MS, Germantown TN, Clarksdale MS and all the areas in between!

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We Specialize In:

  • Business Telephone Equipment
  • Telephone, Computer and Fiber Optic Cabling
  • Paging Equipment
  • CCTV Security Surveillance Equipment
  • Security & Fire Alarm Systems

Holly Springs Telephone Company: The Best Local Service

The local Holly Springs Telephone Company started with the invention of the telephone. For many years, the home of the operator was set up with a switch board and served as the local phone company. This board linked an entire community to the same phone number. Each household or business had a unique number of rings associated with their ph

Those times have changed and today almost every community has a local telephone company, though now that company is housed in a building. Most local telephone companies are centrally located within the city they serve. They may be a local office of a larger well known nationwide company having an area branch makes it more convenient for customers. Telephone company customers prefer a real person to talk to when they have a problem and your local Holly Springs Telephone Company understands this. As many businesses move away from personalized service, your local Holly Springs Telephone Company still places importance on old fashioned service.

Because the Holly Springs Telephone Company is easily accessible, customers can stop in to pay their bills, report a problem with their service, make changes to their existing service and even purchase a new phone if they need one. The Holly Springs Telephone Company has friendly staff that will assist customers in a polite way and answer any questions. Chances are that the person behind the counter is from your own neighborhood.

Holly Springs Telephone Company: Offering the Best Rates in Town

The rates for services offered by a Holly Springs Telephone Company are often unique to the area they serve. Standard rates may also be different in areas that have a high senior population, or that require more life-line rates than other areas. The Holly Springs Telephone Company calculates their rates taking all factors into consideration. This allows them to provide the best quality service at minimum cost to their customers.

A Holly Springs Telephone Company constantly strives to works with customers and identify methods of reducing costs on an ongoing basis. The customers are always kept informed of special offers that help them cut costs. This can include bundled services targeted at frequent long distance callers or for those that find the majority of their calls are within their same area code.

Holly Springs Telephone Company: Reliable and Effective

Representatives and technical support staff from your local Holly Springs Telephone Company are always available for any assistance needed by the community. Many of the Holly Springs Telephone Company technicians live in the community and are affected by any outages in phone service. So they are aware of it even before customers call in to complain. In addition, the support staff can make repairs to home phone lines on a schedule that meets the needs of customers. The local Holly Springs Telephone Company has a goal to excel over companies that may provide services only through an online site. They achieve this by providing a higher level of personalized service.

The reliable Holly Springs Telephone Company staff makes sure that phone lines are working throughout their area of service and are not disrupted during adverse weather. They keep a team of repairmen on hand during heavy weather to respond to calls from customers as soon as they are received.

Holly Springs Telephone Company: Connecting the Community

Through ease in communication, a Holly Springs Telephone Company goal is to make the community stronger. The Holly Springs Telephone Company provides on-site consultation to people building a new home. They make sure that the required phone lines are properly installed during the construction process. They are also active in community development where they provide support to community groups and organizations that need effective and low-cost communication channels to find funding or volunteers. Throughout the area it serves, the local Holly Springs Telephone Company is involved in numerous community events and charitable causes.

Whenever there is a local or state disaster, the Holly Springs Telephone Company staff is available. They can set up communication for victims and volunteers alike. They also provide the required support to reduce the burden on that area’s workers.

Holly Springs Telephone Company: Meeting Your Needs Locally

Their dedication to providing the best rates helps a Holly Springs Telephone Company to connect with members of the community. They help many people lead a better life by providing cost effective phone services. A Holly Springs Telephone Company works closely with their customers to help provide good quality service at a affordable rates. Furthermore, they remain updated on state and federal fees and regulations which help them provide cost-effective services to customers.

In events like problems with phone lines, power outages, or other service disruptions, the staff of a Holly Springs Telephone Company will answer your needs with a clear knowledge of the problem at hand. They will be there in the event of emergencies or disasters. They will offer assistance to enable workers and victims to communicate with other communities easily and quickly.

The Holly Springs Telephone Company blends the quality of old fashioned customer service with modern day technology. As a responsible community member, your local Holly Springs Telephone Company is always an asset and a valuable neighbor.

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